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DDNS Functionality

Posted: Fri Apr 14, 2017 9:29 pm
by BigSquirrel
To use the NutPile DDNS services, simply install a monitoring agent, either a windows 7/8/10 or Linux version.
Once the agent begins communicating, visit your NutPile Control Panel (NCP) and you'll see one or more agents that you have installed.
Click on the small pencil icon to Edit the settings for this agent.
Click on the Settings tab and look for the 'Enable DDNS Option?' item.
Enable DDNS for this IP by changing it's DDNS setting to Yes.
This action will immediately create a new DNS record using the ID number of your agent, which is shown in the NCP and while editing the agent.
For example, if your agent ID is 55055 then your new DNS URL which you can reach your home/office network at will be
If/when your IP changes, the DNS record will immediately be updated and begin to propagate.

If you need any help with DDNS, please feel free to ask here.