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Complementary DDNS, as in FREE!

Free Dynamic DNS (DDNS) included. Questions, suggestions welcome
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Complementary DDNS, as in FREE!

Post by BigSquirrel » Sat Mar 25, 2017 5:02 pm

Dump the costly static IP if you need to reach a home or office network and get Dynamic DNS (DDNS) as a free service from NutPile Networks. If that isn’t enough, you can also enable our free security scanning to help keep your network secure.

Why free?

NutPile Networks compiles ISP (Internet Service Provider) performance statistics that can help us all get more reliable Internet services. When you install an agent to monitor an Internet connection, reports show frequency, length, average times of outages, latency, fully automated speed testing, historical data and more.

The agent monitors your ISP and the higher level companies that provide them in order to help determine where problems might exist so they can be fixed before they become critical. Think of the agent as something that is gathering performance data from your perspective and not from your ISP point of view.

Here is an overview to help you understand and our disclaimer that we do not, in any way, monitor the actual traffic on any connection, only the performance of the connection.

When you install a NutPile Internet monitoring agent, the software communicates with our data center 24/7, keeping a watchful eye on your connection performance. As a result, the monitoring agent knows when your router IP has changed and can automatically update our DNS servers and scanning servers.

In turn, we can offer you these services at no cost as a thank you for helping us gather metrics which can help everyone.

A static IP can get expensive!

Providers typically charge around $10 to $15 per month per static IP. If you use a DDNS service, then you need a router which can communicate with a DDNS service in order to update your IP as it changes.

When you monitor your Internet connection, the software constantly updates our services with any information it can find about the quality of your services. Each time this happens, your IP is updated at our network. By using this information, we can in turn create a DNS record for you which is based on the agent ID and the nutpile.com domain.

This means that you’ll be able to reach your router and any services behind it such as web, email, data storage, using an easy to remember name such as 2025.nutpile.com.

Simply enable or disable the DDNS function in your control panel settings for each agent.

More agents, better metrics

The more people who install our agents, the better the information becomes for everyone. Over time we will make larger maps available to the public as well as companies who can use these details to problem solve.

By the way, also included when you install an agent is our Light Edition reports so you no longer have to guess if there were problems or not. By checking your reports, you’ll quickly learn if there were outages and where.

Take advantage of these free services by installing an agent today and becoming a member of the NutPile Networks community.
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