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Seeking Technology Moderators

Posted: Thu Jun 16, 2016 9:37 pm
by BigSquirrel
Do you enjoy talking about technology, sharing knowledge and experience? We would like to engage the Internet community relating to their services, tools and the providers that we all use. We are reaching out for people who would be interested in being moderator of their own forum or an existing one. These forums are mainly about the Internet, connectivity, speed testing and monitoring Internet services. However, related topics that would be of interest to users are also welcome.

If this sounds interesting to you, please review the following list of basic requirements.

Prefer that you have some experience as a forum moderator but being knowledgeable in a certain area with a willingness to learn how to moderate is welcome also. Bonus if you are always familiar with phpBB.

Must read/write very good English.
Must have a genuine interest in Internet related issues, know how to find and create interesting topics, engage users, respond to questions.
Must sign up and use our service in order to understand all aspects of it. As a moderator, there will be no cost.
Must understand how search engines find forums, posts and know how to work this to the best advantage.
Should reside in the USA or Canada in order to better understand Internet issues in North America.
Must be very technically savvy, understanding the importance of the Internet in our lives today.
Must be very aware of Internet related testing, monitoring and other related tools in order to help users.
Must be very diplomatic, mature, adult, keeping the peace without being impolite or rude to members.
Must keep the peace between users which means no heavy handed methods, always diplomatic yet always following our guidelines.

If you've been on other sites and often thought to yourself that you could enjoy doing something like this, please contact us and lets talk.