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Are You Experiencing Internet Problems?

Questions related to Internet monitoring.
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Are You Experiencing Internet Problems?

Post by BigSquirrel » Sat Jun 18, 2016 7:02 pm

NutPile Networks offers a unique premise based home and business Internet monitoring solution which allows anyone to view reports showing how reliable their services are.

The Agent
The monitoring software, called the agent, is installed at your location so that generated reports are from your own perspective and not from your providers or some other external source. The agent is able to accumulate details which are exactly as you would experience them.

The agent software can be downloaded and run on Windows 7/8/10 and later Linux flavors. We've tested centos7 and debian7 so far.

If you prefer not to keep a PC on 24/7, we also offer a tiny device which uses next to nothing for power and runs 24/7 non stop. The device is a plug and forget one which auto updates and takes care of everything on its own. Each device is a one time purchase and can be re-used for as long as it is supported.

The Reports
Reports show frequency, length, average times of outages, latency, fully automated speed testing, historical data and more. An email can be sent when the monitoring agent is no longer sending data, perhaps powered off or disconnected, when there is an outage or an instant notification of an outage.

Using a PC or mobile browser, generated reports can be viewed any time, anywhere.

Frustrating Support Calls
When you experience Internet problems and call for help, a representatives must try to assess if problems are related to something at your location or somewhere else. This is a difficult task since most people do not have sophisticated tools or technical backgrounds to monitor Internet connectivity, especially intermittent issues. External monitoring is not very useful in these cases and speed testing doesn’t help find the actual problems.

Did a cable go bad, a router, a switch? Was it something inside your location or was it something external and unrelated to anything in the building. Did it affect others in the area? Was it the local provider or their upstream having some issues?

NutPile Networks ends the mystery of Internet related issues by giving you the ability to monitor your services from your premises, providing reports and information which help determine if problems are inside or if the ISP needs to be made aware of a problem.

Neighborhood Wide Problems?
Home users may be frustrated by bad Internet connections and hours of dealing with tech support to fix the problems. Entire neighborhoods might be suffering ongoing issues. However, the more neighbors that start monitoring, the more information can be gathered to help the local Internet provider help everyone in the area. There is no discounting multiple voices.

Anyone that depends on their Internet and needs to know how the service is performing or trying to diagnose problems can use NutPile.

Start Monitoring - No Obligations
If you are ready to start monitoring your Internet connection, you can simply use the Register menu link to create an account. You can then download the software, install it and begin monitoring your services.

No obligation, no commitment, reports will begin with a 14 day free trial showing the additional details that the Standard Edition gives you. After the 14 days, simply keep using the service for free if the Light Edition suits your needs.

You can optionally upgrade your reports on a month to month basis to get more details then let it drop back to Light Edition as needed. It can't get any simpler and we do not rope you into anything.
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